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.GMC Promotions is a Management Service / Marketing and Promotions Company. We've helped some of the hottest Venues,Busineses and acts in the Southeastern Region. The CEO Gee Has an ear for great music and finding talent comes 2nd nature for him!

While holding some of the industry's most coveted titles and launching the

careers of some of the biggest names in the game, Gee of GMC has become one of

music’s hottest executives, media personalities, and businessmen of our time. The

industry scholar with locks of hair flowing from his psyche like tassels on a professor’s

cap, has for nearly 2 decades strategically pioneered wave after wave of the best R&B,

Soul, Hip Hop and Neo Soul content making his team the go to for artist development

and promotions.


The Beginning

Gee’s story began with the strength and resiliency of his Mother, the Crown

Jewel and Proverbial Moses of their Family, and their exodus between the lands of

Portsmouth, Virginia and Birmingham, Alabama; home of the Civil Rights Movement,

bumper to bumper weekend traffic, legendary collegiate football rivalries, and southern

home cooking traditions. The journey between the states however; the wins/losses,

tears, and pain were once internalized and comprised into heartfelt songs detailing his

once troublesome trajectory from the streets to the recording booth. Little did he know,

but that recording booth would become the pertinent genesis of a fulfilling career. It was

also doing this pivotal moment where he discovered his niche in translating the pain

from the loss of his young brother, the shady streets, and a criminal justice system full

of double standards into threads of music that resonated heavy with his fan base.

Coincidently, it was his natural interest in the art and his inclination in music

development that unveiled many hidden talents for the young MC; talents that

nowadays allow the young Guru to hear, see, comprehend, and best strategize stardom

in it’s rawest form.



It wasn’t long before Gee caught the attention of some very influential people.

After negotiating a record deal under the helm of Solo, CEO of Black Thirst

Entertainment things were beginning to look up for the young MC. Seemingly overnight

Gee’s career in the industry began taking form, especially afte He secured  Paid spot

on the Graphic Designing Team and a Freestyle Drawing Artist . However, Gee’s rise in the hip hop

industry halted with Solo having to abruptly leaving the country, but not before introducing

Gee to the Guru of East Coast Promotions, the infamous Trey Stylez of Def

Jam/Atlantic Records. Under Trey Stylez’ tutelage, Gee of GMC began to thoroughly

comprehend the internal structures of entertainment; artist development, sales,

marketing, radio, and touring. Within this revelatory moment his purpose became

cemented in stone as he transitioned from an artist to a formidable A&R apprentice.


At the age of 18 years old, commonly a celebratory pinnacle of adulthood for many,

however in the lane Gee traveled the pinnacle was all but a blur as the budding media

juggernaut was busy in radio stations, music festivals, and clubs promoting artists that

are now today’s biggest stars, including Jeezy, Paul Wall, Bobby Valentino, Bun B,

Devin the Dude, Pastor Troy, Scotty ATL, and The Frayser Boy, and More.

Just to name a few. Gee’s grinding paid off earning him a spot working on Subterrain

Open’s Album as well as a promotional contracts with Live Nation.



As Gee of GMC’s Brand continues to grow, he has been fortunate to have

countless friends and supporters in the industry such as Brandon T Jackson, Actor,Dj

Comedian, and Co-Star of the 2000 Blockbuster Hit, Tropic Thunder as well as V94.9’s

Morning Show Host, Actor, and Comedic Narrator, Bennie Mac in his corner. The

support and wisdom he’s received through the years, he has generously reciprocated

back into the lives of up and coming industry executives through the guise of

mentorship just as Trey Stylez had done for him years prior. Though he acknowledges

and salutes all of his mentors and predecessors, Gee of GMC’s imprint on the industry

will be quite distinctive in it’s own right. With his team having become staples in the

entertainment genre, they are poised to lock down 2020 and beyond with new artists,

music, as well as a never done before audio-visual technology known as Silent Party.

Though the tech world as well as nightlife patrons relish in the loud booming club music

rooted in the Studio 54 era, the Silent Party phenomenon invites the same lively feeling

except each person enjoys his/her own personal listening experience via headset. He

is also slated to serve as a Co-host for Magic City Underground, Alabama’s 1st Live

Music, Standup Comedy, and Boxing Show as well as MCU’s spin-off, 13th Round.

Special shout out to PTG, the countless Club Owners, Promoters, Music Executives,

and Radio Stations for opening their doors for nearly 2 decades. Let’s continue shaping

the world with timeless music.


Gee of GMC Falcuity

Presents to you GMC PROMOTIONS!!


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